Babak Hassibi

Gordon M. Binder/Amgen Professor

Executive Officer for Electrical Engineering

Associate Director for Information Science and Technology

My research is in communications, signal processing, and control. I am currently most interested in wireless networks and in genomic signal processing. In the wireless network area I study modeling issues, information-theoretic questions, scheduling, protocols, various performance criteria, etc. In the genomic signal processing area I have been studying real-time DNA microarrays, a novel technology that we have developed. My earlier work includes: multi-antenna systems (e.g., space-time codes); efficient decoding algorithms in communications; adaptive signal processing and neural networks; blind channel equalization; statistical signal processing; robust estimation and control, especially connections between robustness and adaptation; and linear algebra, with emphasis on fast algorithms, random matrices and group representation theory. I retain a keen interest in all these.

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